Thursday, 14 February 2013

Inventory Organization Access Control

For each responsibility that needs to access a subset of the available organizations:
  1. Navigate to INV / Setup / Organizations / Organization Access
  2. Enter the organization code, application name and responsibility name and save
  3. Repeat for each organization that will be available to the responsibility.
Points to be remembered:
Organization access works on two parameters, organization and Responsibility.

1) When you add a row in organization access form with respect to an organization and a responsibility, then that organization will ONLY be accessed by that responsibility.
2) You can add multiple responsibilities to access the same organization, and all responsibilities will have access to that organization.
3) Any organization that is NOT assigned to at least one responsibility is available to ALL responsibilities.
4) So users will indirectly have access to organizations based on the responsibilities attached.

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  1. 3 point which you have mentioned is iam looking for months .. thank you so mcuh