Monday, 25 March 2013

How to find the text attachemnts attached to a Requisition Header

     /* Step:-1 -> Find the requisition */
      select b.REQUISITION_HEADER_ID from po_requisition_headers_all b where   trunc(b.CREATION_DATE)='25-MAR-2013'
      /*Step:- 2 - >   Find The document id (Here PK1_VALUE is the requisition_header_id) */
      select a.PK1_VALUE ,a.DOCUMENT_ID ,a.* from apps.FND_ATTACHED_DOCUMENTS a where a.PK1_VALUE =95355(requisition_header_id)
      /* Step :- 3 ->  Find the media_id */
      select a.MEDIA_ID ,a.* from fnd_documents a where a.DOCUMENT_ID=160936
      /*Step:- 4 -> Find the  Input Text in the requisition */
      select a.SHORT_TEXT,a.MEDIA_ID from fnd_documents_short_text a where a.MEDIA_ID=2;

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