Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I-Procurement (iPROC) Process Flow Step by Step

I-Procurement Flow Steps

Step 1: Navigation: India local I-Procurement> Shop> Shopping List

Step 2: Requisition
            In Shopping Cart, Click on View cart and check out

Step 3: Click on submit button for requision submit and reserved for purchase order


Step 4: Purchase Order
            Navigation: India Local Purchasing> Auto create

Step 5: India local I-Procurement
            Click on receiving option

Step 6: Click on Express receive button and receive the item

Step 7: Select the requisition and click next button

Step 8: Click on Submit Button

Step 9: Submit your Requisition and create receive number

Step 10: Invoice
              Navigation : India Local Payables> Invoice> Entry> Invoices

Step 11: Click on action button to Validate  invoice
               Select pay in full and click on OK button

Step 12: I-Procurement Responsibility
              Click on "View Receipts" Option then put the receipt number

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