Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Unable to Enter / View Value Set Values in Oracle EBS R12.2.5 or Not Able to Enter Values in Value Sets

In R12.2 value set security has enhanced. By default no body can enter or view values of Value Sets. To enable the user who can enter or view values in value sets need to perform the following steps.

1) Need to login as SYSADMIN
2) Select the "User Management" responsibility
3) Navigate to "User"
4) Find the particular user then click on update icon
5) Click on "Assign Role"
6) Select "Role" as search by and enter value as "Flexfield Value Set Security: All privileges"
Select "Code" as search by and enter value as"UMX|FND_FLEX_VSET_ALL_PRIVS_ROLE" 
7) Select the role from result
8) Enter a justification text.
9) Click on "Save" and "Apply"
10) Login as the user(applied for role assignment) and check the same

Clear the cache from functional administrator responsibility if required.

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