Tuesday, 8 May 2018

How to Create Enterprise, Division,Legal Entiry and Business Unit in Oracle Fusion Cloud R13

The Basic information screen appears
Define Enterprise Structures for Financials-Define Initial Configuration-Establish Enterprise Structure-Go to Task
Manage Enterprise Configuration Screen Appears
The following pop up appears
Enter the Enterprise name and Description manually
Click OK
The following screen appears
Enter the necessary information
To add the legal address, it needs to be created first
To create the address,open the Legal Address LOV- Select the create option
In case of multiple Legal Entities, include the Configure with the interview to set up more Legal Entities checkbox
Click Next
Manage Division
Create by adding Row[Click (+) icon]
Enter the necessary information.
New Location can be created and used (Here we have used an existing location)
Click Next
Legal Entity creation
Enter the necessary information
Click Next
Create Business Units
Check Manually Create Business Unit check box
The following warning appears
Click Ok
Click Next
Check the Manually Create Business unit checkox
Manage Business Unit screen appears
To Create new Business unit, Add row by clicking(+)
Enter the necessary information.
Click Next

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